Alf’s Rooster Is Set To Spread Its Wings–Alfalfa’s Market Soon To Open In Louisville, Colorado


Alfalfa’s Market, Louisville, Colorado on June 10, 2014


Mark Retzloff, CEO of Alfalfa’s Market in the Louisville store

Alf’s rooster is about to spread its wings with a second Alfalfa’s Market soon to open in Louisville, Colorado. The new store is on the corner of South Boulder Road and Centennial Drive–LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

Louisville is ranked as one of the “Best Places to Live” in the United States and is a hub for new-economy job opportunities. The addition of Alfalfa’s, a locally-grown business, is a perfect fit for this town, that is located only 6 miles from Boulder and 25 miles from Denver; and known for its Rocky Mountain views, outdoor life, summer concerts, crafts and now food!

For those familiar with shopping at Alfalfa’s in Boulder, the appearance and layout of the Louisville store is similar. Both stores have about the same amount of square footage in terms of shopping space and have community rooms and electric charging stations for cars. The Louisville store’s juice/coffee bar and indoor/outdoor cafe–with fireplace–are expansive (as is the parking). Bulk food is close to fresh produce. The olive and cheese bar has its own stage, surrounded by sushi, charcuterie, deli and prepared foods. The equipment and design are tip top; and create an efficient mise en place.

CEO, Mark Retzloff is keeping the official opening date a secret. There will be a soft opening this month. The new store remains true to its roots as a Boulder-owned and operated natural foods market. It maintains the same passion, adherence to strict product standards and true community market experience that Alfalfa’s is known for.


Battle of the Pans v Superstorm Sandy- an evening with some of Denver and Boulder’s best chefs.

Superstorm Sandy smashed into the east coast, including my home state of New Jersey, and destroyed many things in her path. Having spent so many summer days on the boardwalks at the Jersey Shore, I felt a huge feeling of disappointment seeing the images online. If you know me, or have even met me just once, you know I make an interesting face and have a certain tone of voice when I tell you I’m originally from NJ. But, this superstorm destroyed so much- it made me feel sentimental for parts of Jersey, and my parents still live there, so I felt quite connected to the storm and its aftermath.

Chef Theo Adley, also from New Jersey, coordinated a benefit dinner at Mateo Restaurant Provencal in Boulder. Chef Adley assembled eight of the best chefs in Denver and Boulder, one of the craftiest creators of all things cocktail, and a uniquely Boulder baker, who, together, performed a nearly perfectly orchestrated culinary symphony. I attended this nine course feast and enjoyed it so much more than I had imagined.

This was a superstar line up: Kyle Mendenhall of The Kitchen Community, Hunter Pritchett of Luca d’Italia, Kelly Whitaker of Pizzeria Basta, Max MacKissock of The Squeaky Bean, Theo Adley, Jen Jasinski of RiojaBistro Vendome, and Euclid Hall, Jenna Johansen, Steve Redzikowski of OAK at Fourteenth, and Sean Kenyon of Williams & GrahamTee & Cakes provided a delectable cupcake to finish up the meal and make for one of the largest dinners I’ve had in quite a while.

I had the honor and privilege to dine with Z Cuisine chef/owner Patrick DuPays and his lovely wife Lynnde, which, besides offering great company, provided me an interesting perspective to dining. I really don’t dine out with chefs- I feature them on my tours. So, as each of the nine courses arrived, it was quite an experience for me to taste them with Patrick and Lynnde.

Each course at the Battle of the Pans was fantastic, so rather than offer a detailed critique or review, here are some photos of the evening. Please note- these were shot in low light (except Chef Redzikowski’s dish because I wandered into the kitchen for a few minutes), and I’m no professional… but, you’ll get the idea.

Thanks so much to all of the chefs for coming out (many on their day off) and providing a fantastic feast, and thanks to all of the guests who, through ticket sales and an auction, raised money for victims of Superstorm Sandy. It’s unfortunate that a major storm brought them all together in one kitchen, but we diners all felt very fortunate to taste a dish from so many acclaimed local chefs.

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