About Us

The Bubble is a community collaboration that gains its value through input and opinion from every variety of person.

We welcome anyone who would like to contribute and develop the Bubble. Please contact BubbleBlower@BoulderBubble.com with any inquiries.

Richard Polk is the Bubble’s visionary and founder. He is President of Boulder’s leading retailer of comfortable footwear, Pedestrian Shops. He is also an active community member and philanthropist. LinkedIn

Douglas Wray is the Bubble’s architect and advisor. He is an instructor at Boulder Digital Arts and Webmaster for the University of Colorado Alumni Association. LinkedIn

Fletcher Richman is the Bubble’s web and content developer. He is an undergrad in Electrical Engineering at CU Boulder with a passion for entrepreneurship. LinkedIn

Megan Bucholz is the Bubble’s Chief Tasting Officer, one of the first Boulder food bloggers, and “Founding Foodie” of Local Table Tours. When Megan isn’t guiding culinary tours, she’s likely to be found out and about in one of Boulder’s best watering holes.

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