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The Boulder Bubble began as an aggregation of the things that make Boulder, Colorado, an amazing place to live, work and play. In response to Climate Change and the Opportunities resulting from the convergence of emergency and Innovation, it has become a front door for the Decarbonization Innovation & Arts network.

Boulder’s urban area includes 14,000 acres,  prevented from growing larger by innovative land use regulations and a “moat” of over 350,000 acres of surrounding City, County and National Forest open space lands.

Boulder is beautifully framed by open space lands, the mountains and plains. Its community members are very serious about their environmental values. They are fit, athletic, and well-educated and enjoy a variety of arts, culture, and outdoor recreation. The Bubble is a well-designed, sustainable place to live, work, play and raise a family. A mecca for recruiting and retaining talented employees as well as a retirement haven.

BoulderBubble.com is a place to express opinions as well as discover Boulder’s amazing stories and learn about its 100 miles of trails.

The city of Boulder has been described as “14 square miles surrounded by reality.” As “The People’s Republic of Boulder.” As the place where Chief Niwot’s Curse means those who leave will always want to come back.

Visit the City of Boulder’s web site site to see a list of national media and organizations that have ranked Boulder best, or Wikipedia to see the city’s amazing stats. Boulder accolades are issued almost daily. In his blog for best-selling book “The Rise of the Creative Class, Revisited,” author Richard Florida proclaimed Boulder the quintessential creative class city.

The curator’s last fifty years as memorialized by FootwearPlus magazine.

Richard Polk’s 1963 Resiliency Epiphany and 60-year Solar History.

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