Skateboarding in Boulder

by Benjamin R. Waymire

skateboarding in boulderColorado – A.K.A. “ColoRADo” – is an awesome place to live if you’re a skateboarder. The Denver Skatepark, for example, boasts over 50,000 square feet and is one of the largest outdoor (and free, of course!) skateparks in the country. Colorado is a haven for skateboarders of all levels, and there is no shortage of great skateparks and skate spots all over this great state. As is the case anywhere, if you’re not skating at a skatepark, be aware of the authorities. Most of them simply don’t like skateboarders, and they will bust your ass quickly if you’re “breaking the law.” As an avid skateboarder and risk taker myself, sometimes I deem a spot so worthy that I’m willing to take the chance. For what it’s worth.

The city of Boulder offers up an outstanding skatepark, called The Scott Carpenter Skatepark. It’s located at 1505 30th St., Boulder, CO 80303. There is even a graffiti wall onsite, for those of you who wish to express your artistic sides in more ways than just ripping up the skatepark. The Boulder park is super fun with some good, fast lines you can link together. This park has a heavy locals feel, so be aware and be respectful. Personally, I’ve had nothing but fun there, but if you’re the mouthy type that likes to get loud and obnoxious, you’ll be greeted with a less than welcoming attitude. Just have fun and focus on skateboarding and you’ll be just fine.

Ok, cool. So what are the specs?

It’s an entirely concrete, outdoor park with bowls and metal coping (no pool coping), some mellow banks you can hit at high speed, waxed up curbs, hips, quarter pipes, rails, and fun ledges. Ultimately, the park is divided into a clover bowl section and the street section. This park is fun whether you skate bowls only, street only, or both! I will say that it is better laid out for the purist street skater. Overall, the park is designed very well so you can shred your favorite obstacles at your own pace without running into others or getting your lines snaked by more aggressive skaters. 


  • 16,000 sq. ft
  • Clover bowl transition section
  • Fun box with a mellow ledge and metal coping (super fun for big ollies, grinds, and board/lip slides)
  • Hand rails
  • Waxed curbs
  • Big section of really great banks
  • Quarter pipe extension (break out your stylie rock-n-rolls!)
Pads and helmet are not required, but they are “strongly recommended.” Just like any park, skate at your own risk.

The Scott Carpenter Skatepark is the best place to start  in Boulder to experience some awesome park features, have fun, and get stoked to skate another spot. The locals that will surely be shredding the park will be full of street spot recommendations if you’re looking to find some epic stairs, ledges, or handrails. Colorado University’s campus immediately comes to mind (hint hint). But again, watch out for the authorities. ;)

Skate hard and have fun!

Benjamin R. Waymire is an avid skateboarder and the managing director of Benjamin Media Group.

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