A Day Trip to Italy

Check out Marni’s recent posts on her trip to Italy at the end of October!

Here are excerpts from the posts.

Olive Trees in Buttrio, Italy

This past Friday I travelled to Buttrio, Italy.  It is a small town close to the Slovenian border and about a two and a half hour bus ride from where I live.  My landlady invited me on a day trip with her theater-going group.  The whole day was planned out.  We had breakfast around 9:30 a.m. at Il Vagabondo, an agritourism farm.  Agritourism includes visiting a farm, buying products directly from the farm, picking fruit, feeding animals and/or staying in a bed and breakfast on the farm.  Our next stop was the olive orchard to pick as many olives as we could!

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Breakfast at Il Vagabondo


The food at Il Vagabondo was fresh and organic…and incredibly tasty. (I hope I get these Italian terms right.  If I don’t, please correct me!)

The first meal of the day is breakfast. The house cheese, caciotta, and the house salami, with some fresh bread.

Read and see the pictures of the rest of this post at The Food at Il Vagabondo.

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