A Fairy-Tale Forest With a View

Photo copyright Marni Spott

Millstatt monestery

Marni Spott is recent graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder and is currently on a Fulbright Language Teaching Assistantshp in Austria.

This is an excerpt from her travel blog ‘Heart of a Traveller

My landlord and her sister-in-law recently took me on a nice stroll through the forest near the Millstätter See, about 10 minutes from Spittal.  Words are not necessary for this post, except this very good piece of advice:  If you ever want to go mushroom picking, make sure you take an expert (like my landlord) along, otherwise you may just pick the wrong mushroom.  Just like their mad skills at wood stacking, Austrians (and Germans) have mad skills at mushroom picking – and this time their lives really depend on this ability!

Read the rest and check out her excellent photos!

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