Saddle up bikers

Boulder has some of the best biking trails in the country.

Boulder is a Mecca for bike riders — go to any biking event and you’ll see license plates from all around the country! Our mountain parks and roads are some of the most challenging in the world — oh, did I mention the high altitude? Even the toughest pedal-bashers can find themselves ‘bonking’ from pushing themselves too hard!

Biking events are a Big Deal in Boulder — the whole town goes nuts for them. The Morgul Bismark, now the “Superior Morgul” returned in 2010 and is more popular than ever. Once a ‘stage’ in the Red Zinger Bicycle Classic, it’s now a race unto itself.

The Boulder Cycling Club has regular rides — you can check their calendar and join in.

There’s tons more about biking and we’ll be posting about it soon!

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