Trail Maps

Panarama Point trail map

With endless hiking opportunities, it’s hard to pick just one! We would love to hear about your favorite hikes or experiences you had hiking.
Here are some useful trail maps:

City of Boulder Trail Maps
Boulder Area Hiking
Boulder Trails
Hiking in Boulder
Boulder on the Web Trail Guide
Boulder Maps
Boulder Trail Runners
Local Trails
Denver Boulder Locals Hikes

Here is a list of some other great trails — maps on the way!
Bald Mountain Trail Map (174 KB)
Betasso Preserve New Trails (1022 KB)
Betasso Preserve Trail Map (464 KB)
Birds of Prey Raptor Map (622 KB)
Boulder County Fairgrounds Map (2 MB)
Caribou Ranch Trail Map (838 KB)
Carolyn Holmberg Preserve Trail Map (1 MB)
Coal Creek Trail Map (388 KB)
Coalton Trailhead Map (723 KB)
Comprehensive Open Space Map (2 MB)
Hall Ranch Trail Elevation Graphs (56 KB)
Hall Ranch Trail Map (776 KB)
Heil Valley Ranch Trail Elevation Graphs (77 KB)
Heil Valley Ranch Trail Map (620 KB)
Lagerman Reservoir Trail Map (283 KB)
Legion Park Trail Map (149 KB)
Mud Lake Trail Map (357 KB)
Niwot Dry Creek Loop Project Area Map (419 KB)
Niwot Trails Map (341 KB)
Pella Crossing East Trail Map (4 MB)
Pella Crossing West Trail Map (3 MB)
Rabbit Mountain Trail Elevation Graphs (50 KB)
Rabbit Mountain Trail Map (749 KB)
Trails Map All Properties (931 KB)
Twin Lakes Trail Map (1 MB)
Walden Ponds Trail Map (3 MB)
Walker Ranch Trail Elevation Graphs (477 KB)
Walker Ranch Trail Map (2 MB)

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