Interview with Alexandra Horowitz

Reposted with permission from I got lucky. Lindsay Wood, the Director of Animal Training and Behavior at the Human Society of Boulder Valley (HSBV) (Read Lindsay’s bio here. She’s amazing!), has been observing and assisting Nan Arthur, our instructor, in the Karen Pryor Academy class in which Sadie and I are enrolled. Final assessments are today Monday, September 26. Yikes! A few weeks ago I signed up too late to attend a very special HSBV event: Lindsay interviewing her … [Read more...]

Dogs at last!

My wife Marilyn died of cancer on May 14, 2009 after eight months of almost-successful monoclonal antibody treatment. She was actually declared free of cancer but the diagnosis turned out to be incorrect. Lymphoma cells had invaded her spine - by the time her doctor verified it she lasted only a few more days. She swiftly forgot who she was, where she was and who I was. It was horrifying to see my strong, vibrant wife fade away. When the end came it was a blow to all present. She was well-loved … [Read more...]