Boulder is famous for its fishing. Fly fisherman come from everywhere to stand in the icy-cold streams and ply their skills. Tell us about your favorite places, those 'well-known secret places' and places you've been around the world.

Looking for a place to fish? Try out The City of Boulder OSMP Fishing Page or 101+ Places to take a kid fishing

Casting about for fun and adventure

There's a real art to fly fishing. Since the fly has negligible weight when compared to typical fishing lures the line ends doing most of the work of moving the 'fly' into position. In other types of fishing the lure has enough weight to pull the line out as needed and by braking you drop the lure where you want it. Fly fishing has different casting motions and they take time to learn as does the way you hold the rod. There's a few basic types of lines, double-taper line and weight-forward … [Read more...]