Boulder's Open Space and Parks is filled with a variety of biking trails.
See the city's page on Biking in Open Space and Parks
Another great group is the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance
Tell us about your favorites, warn us about problems and anything else you have to say.

For maps and more biking information, see the Biking page.

Saddle up bikers

Boulder is a Mecca for bike riders -- go to any biking event and you'll see license plates from all around the country! Our mountain parks and roads are some of the most challenging in the world -- oh, did I mention the high altitude? Even the toughest pedal-bashers can find themselves 'bonking' from pushing themselves too hard! Biking events are a Big Deal in Boulder -- the whole town goes nuts for them. The Morgul Bismark, now the "Superior Morgul" returned in 2010 and is more popular than … [Read more...]