Open Space & Parks

Boulder has some of the best open space and parks in the country. Tell us what you like, don't like and what you'd like to see added or improved!

Fit for life

There's more content to come - stay tuned! … [Read more...]

Saddle up bikers

Boulder is a Mecca for bike riders -- go to any biking event and you'll see license plates from all around the country! Our mountain parks and roads are some of the most challenging in the world -- oh, did I mention the high altitude? Even the toughest pedal-bashers can find themselves 'bonking' from pushing themselves too hard! Biking events are a Big Deal in Boulder -- the whole town goes nuts for them. The Morgul Bismark, now the "Superior Morgul" returned in 2010 and is more popular than … [Read more...]

Dogs at last!

My wife Marilyn died of cancer on May 14, 2009 after eight months of almost-successful monoclonal antibody treatment. She was actually declared free of cancer but the diagnosis turned out to be incorrect. Lymphoma cells had invaded her spine - by the time her doctor verified it she lasted only a few more days. She swiftly forgot who she was, where she was and who I was. It was horrifying to see my strong, vibrant wife fade away. When the end came it was a blow to all present. She was well-loved … [Read more...]

Casting about for fun and adventure

There's a real art to fly fishing. Since the fly has negligible weight when compared to typical fishing lures the line ends doing most of the work of moving the 'fly' into position. In other types of fishing the lure has enough weight to pull the line out as needed and by braking you drop the lure where you want it. Fly fishing has different casting motions and they take time to learn as does the way you hold the rod. There's a few basic types of lines, double-taper line and weight-forward … [Read more...]

Ropes, carabiners, pitons, and so much more

People who say folks in Boulder are "climbers" sometimes aren't talking about the social ladder but something much more physical. For those who know nothing about climbing, or just enough to be really dangerous (like me!) I decided to educate myself with the help of online references. I'm sure there are lots of folks in the community far more versed in this technology than I am, so please feel free to comment below or on our contact form. Here's what Wikipedia has under Free Climbing: (From … [Read more...]

Pitch your tent under the stars

Some of the happiest times of my life have been camping trips to the Rocky Mountains -- and also some of the most intense! Friends of mine have a small cabin that's actually inside Rocky Mountain National Park. It was built before the Park was created and grandfathered in. The owners now lease the land from the government. It was a definite win-win since the state maintains the trailhead nearby and keeps the road at least passable. However, "passable" can be pretty rugged when you're talking to … [Read more...]

Lace up those boots, hikers!

Whether you're a lifelong resident or visiting Boulder for the first time, if you like hiking you're in heaven!Boulder has myriad excellent trails from level walks to heavy-duty climbs, whatever is your cup of tea! The City of Boulder's interactive trail map can locate the nearest trail that suits you. Nearby Rocky Mountain National Park has 355 miles of hiking trails, something for everyone! Here's a listing of the trails with all the info you'll need to choose the right one. Be Safe!! If … [Read more...]

What’s your favorite recreation?

What do you do for fun? Boulder's got parks, trails , creeks, lakes and more! Tell us what you like best! … [Read more...]