Alf’s Rooster Is Set To Spread Its Wings–Alfalfa’s Market Soon To Open In Louisville, Colorado

Alf's rooster is about to spread its wings with a second Alfalfa's Market soon to open in Louisville, Colorado. The new store is on the corner of South Boulder Road and Centennial Drive--LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Louisville is ranked as one of the "Best Places to Live" in the United States and is a hub for new-economy job opportunities. The addition of Alfalfa's, a locally-grown business, is a perfect fit for this town, that is located only 6 miles from Boulder and 25 miles from Denver; … [Read more...]

ZEAL, free of the bad stuff and full of zeal

Written by Layne Lieberman, RD, Author of Beyond The Mediterranean Diet: European Secrets Of The Super-Healthy Zeal is the new Boulder place to eat with an easy conscience. It's the kind of food you would only dream about cooking at home--healthy, wholesome, tasty without trade-offs! All of the preparation and cooking is done out in the open. Cold-pressed juice and kombucha are on tap and micro-greens are growing at the entry. The ingredients are organic unless noted and locally sourced in … [Read more...]

303 Vodka Presents Boulder’s Best Mixologist

Boulder is a notable town for imbibing... sipping, knocking back, or, er... consuming cocktails. But, who makes the best cocktail? Boulder's local 303 Vodka Distillery holds an annual Boulder's Best Mixologist competition to judge just who is out there each year creating the best tail, and we got to sip (or put away) a number of great vodka cocktails at this sold out competition. Competing this year was- Tyler Anderson, The Kitchen [UPSTAIRS] Conor McDermott, SALT the Bistro Mike … [Read more...]

The Boulder Phenomenon… It’s Not Just Another Market, It’s Alfalfa’s

There is an endless outpouring of love for Alfalfa’s Market, on the corner of Broadway and Arapahoe, in Boulder, Colorado…. And they certainly know how to give it back! Here’s why… Alfalfa’s exists to serve, educate and inspire the community through tireless support of local, organic and innovative foods, tried and true wellness products and gastronomic culinary creations. And, Alfalfa’s always uses the highest quality ingredients throughout its departments and in its prepared foods. With so … [Read more...]

The Fifth Annual Redstone Meadery and 4580 Dinner

The esteemed Marty Thalman invited me to the Fifth Annual Redstone Meadery and 4580 Dinner, and having been to a number of wine or beer dinners, I was quite intrigued what a mead dinner would entail... or, taste like, I suppose. I write this post now as a total convert to Redstone Mead as a beverage to be enjoyed (responsibly) quite often. Last month, however, I was nary familiar with the locally brewed honey wine. I accepted the dinner invitation, finished a cocktail tour, and caught a bus up … [Read more...]

Battle of the Pans v Superstorm Sandy- an evening with some of Denver and Boulder’s best chefs.

Superstorm Sandy smashed into the east coast, including my home state of New Jersey, and destroyed many things in her path. Having spent so many summer days on the boardwalks at the Jersey Shore, I felt a huge feeling of disappointment seeing the images online. If you know me, or have even met me just once, you know I make an interesting face and have a certain tone of voice when I tell you I'm originally from NJ. But, this superstorm destroyed so much- it made me feel sentimental for parts of … [Read more...]

Angelica The Lazy Chef – Boulder, CO Foodie

Last year Boulder, Colorado was named the number one foodie town in America by Bon Appétit magazine. I went out to the best restaurants in town to ask why. John's Thai Avenue Jax's Fish Piece, Love, and Chocolate … [Read more...]

The Kitchen [UPSTAIRS] featuring Chef Theo Adley

I like to consider myself one of Chef Theo Adley's biggest fans. He's young, adventurous in the kitchen, and is an overall fantastic chef. Theo was known for his unique menu at his former restaurant, The Pinyon, and became quite well known for his signature dish, Fried Chicken. After months here in Boulder without The Pinyon, many Adley fans find themselves craving his food- especially that fried chicken. On October 14, The Kitchen [UPSTAIRS] invited Theo to cook in their kitchen for a night. I … [Read more...]