Beyond the well known and wonderful offerings of the University of Colorado at Boulder, there are a variety of education institutions including Naropa University and Boulder College of Massage Therapy.
Some other interesting, lesser-known resources include:
Boulder Circus Center
Boulder School of Rock

A Journey to Berlin

When I say journey, it really was quite a journey.  I live in Austria - and Berlin is way north of me.  It took me 10 hours by train to get there, but it was definitely worth it!  Check out my segment of blog posts on Berlin.   After almost a 10 hour train ride through Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany, I arrived in Berlin.  Part of my train ride consisted of two Czech women who sat down next to me and talked non-stop from Bratislava to Prague – about 3 hours.  Luckily, I had my … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Down to Christmas

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself about Christmas time in Austria/Germany. 1. When do they start Christmas celebrations? 2. What Christmas activities occur before the special day? 3.  Why don’t they have Santa Claus? 4. Why is there a scary beast that goes around villages whipping children? So, let me break it down for you. To read the rest of Marni's post about Christmas in Austria, click here.  Enjoy!  Have a wonderful Christmas season! … [Read more...]

In the Land of Moustaches

 I know it’s been a while since my last blog post.  It’s mainly because nothing interesting has really occurred in my life until the past two weekends.  On Thursday (Thanksgiving day) afternoon I made my way to Gmunden, a town in Upper Austria to visit some English TA’s for a Thanksgiving feast.  It was also a stop on the way to Budapest, Hungary.  I didn’t think I was going to have a Thanksgiving this year, but I was thankful to be in the company of friends – and well, we did indeed have a … [Read more...]

A Place Well-Known

  Considering that my cultural heritage is basically all German, I know the country fairly well.  I should specify, however, that when I say the country, I really mean Bavaria.  Most of my relatives live in this beautiful and sometimes mysterious part of Germany.  Last summer, I visited my family after having not seen them for nine years!  I had a fantastic time with them, and I didn't just stay in Bavaria.  I traveled to Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and several small towns near … [Read more...]

Into the Unknown

Into the unknown is pretty much what I thought and how I felt when I was accepted into a study abroad program in South Africa.  The University of Colorado has small group study abroad programs, called Global Seminars, in which a group of about 10 students with the accompaniment of one Professor from CU studies in a foreign country for a certain period of time.  My program went to South Africa for three weeks in May of 2010.  We traveled to Johannesburg and Cape Town.  That trip was a once in a … [Read more...]

A Day Trip to Italy

Check out Marni's recent posts on her trip to Italy at the end of October! Here are excerpts from the posts. This past Friday I travelled to Buttrio, Italy.  It is a small town close to the Slovenian border and about a two and a half hour bus ride from where I live.  My landlady invited me on a day trip with her theater-going group.  The whole day was planned out.  We had breakfast around 9:30 a.m. at Il Vagabondo, an agritourism farm.  Agritourism includes visiting a farm, buying products … [Read more...]

A Fairy-Tale Forest With a View

Marni Spott is recent graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder and is currently on a Fulbright Language Teaching Assistantshp in Austria. This is an excerpt from her travel blog 'Heart of a Traveller' My landlord and her sister-in-law recently took me on a nice stroll through the forest near the Millstätter See, about 10 minutes from Spittal.  Words are not necessary for this post, except this very good piece of advice:  If you ever want to go mushroom picking, make sure you take an … [Read more...]

BVSD Listens – online community engagement tool

The Boulder Valley School District’s new online community engagement site, BVSD Listens, is the latest tool to be employed in a joint Boulder Valley Board of Education and BVSD superintendent community engagement effort that began in 2009. In 2009, the school board and superintendent launched a new process for engaging with our community. Face-to-face sessions were held in the winter and spring of 2010 discussing and gathering input around the question of what should constitute student success … [Read more...]